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Bio-Tech Consulting

Bio-Tech Consulting
An introduction to a leading Polish biotechnology company specialized in valuation and assessment of biotechnology R&D Projects
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Bio-Tech Consulting is a company whose primary mission is to develop modern business projects based on the achievements of biological and medical sciences and providing support for the creation of an innovative bio-economy, the driving force behind which is biotechnology.

Our company is looking for partners from the field of biological & medical sciences (R&D teams, Technology Parks, Universities) interested in commercialization of their projects. We evaluate opportunities and examine different paths to commercialize those projects. Bio-Tech Consulting prepares scientific reports and provides valuation and assessment of biotech R&D projects, as well as creates strategies for the commercialization of scientific discoveries. We actively support the creation of biotechnology start-ups.

Bio-Tech Consulting specializes in biotech company valuation and assessment. We evaluate the potential of innovative enterprises from the biobusiness sector and perform due diligence of these companies. Our company provides expertise on innovative technologies planned to be implemented in companies from the biobusiness sector. We also prepare feasibility studies for such projects.

The Central European Forum of Biotechnology and Innovative Bioeconomy – BioForum (, organized by Bio-Tech Consulting, is the biggest biotech event in Central Europe. The main goal of BioForum is promoting growth of biobusinesses in Central Europe, and creating a network of business relationships between enterprises and scientists carrying out biotech R&D projects. We cooperate with CzechBio and Hungarian Biotech Association, which create networks of contacts among biotech companies in the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The main target of BioForum are innovative biotech enterprises form Central Europe as well as R&D teams, which implement research and development projects and are  interested in commercialization of those projects. An important group of participants are also students, the future employees and developers in the biotech sector.

BioForum has a two-level structure:

1. Registered visitors can access the trade fair and lectures, seminars and exhibitions, which present enterprises and R&D teams from the biotech sector.

2. Business clients have access to the part dedicated to biopartnering and narrow-range subject seminars for active participants of BioForum. The character of this part is strictly business oriented.

The origins of BioForum reach back to the year 2000. Since then, the event has made a dramatic expansion in terms of participants as well as the range of the event. On the 10th anniversary of BioForum, which took place in 2010, 1500 participants from 20 countries and 100 exhibitors were present. For the event to become truly an European event, starting from 2012 it is to become a ‘wandering’ event, which will be organized subsequently in Poland, the Czech Republic and in Hungary. An important aspect of the development of BioForumis to broaden the scope of the event to new regions, mainly the Asian region. Asian biotech companies are eager to cooperate with Central European partners. BioForum is also becoming more and more popular in the US, which is represented by major major companies like Roche and Genetech. Becoming an interesting and attractive region for the US biotech sector is one of the important roles of BioForum.

Bio-Tech Consulting Ltd. is the core of the Bio-Tech Group which comprising also two subsidiary companies: Bio-Tech Invest Ltd. and Bio-Tech Media S.A. Bio-Tech Invest is a company oriented toward R&D project commercialization through the creation of startup companies. Bio-Tech Media is an owner and publisher of the Websites: and Our group is also the co-founder and co-owner of Mabion S.A. biotech company.


Bio-Tech Consulting Ltd.
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