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An intraoduction to a leading Polish biotechnology company
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What is BLIRT?
•    BLIRT (BioLab Innovative Research Technologies) is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) operating in the field of medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology, focusing on offering services to the pharmaceutical and medical industries. We are one of the most modern companies in the biotechnology industry in northern Poland.

•    Our hybrid business model combines providing services to Clients and carrying out in-house R&D projects aimed to support innovative bioproduct development. BLIRT participates in projects cofinanced by the European Union.

•    BLIRT consists of 4 multidisciplinary and integrated departments, including: Proteins, Analytics, Synthesis and DNA-Gdansk which are cooperating  closely  and focused mainly on protein studies.
Why to choose BLIRT?

1. Strong scientific team
BLIRT has experienced research specialists working in the field of biotechnology, chemistry and molecular biology (10 with PhD degree in Life Sciences, 4 with Professor title). Experience, professionalism, knowledge plus multiple collaborations with leading university researchers ensure about our competencies to conduct both commercial and in-house R&D projects.

2. Modern technical facilities
BLIRT’s laboratories and offices are located in the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park.. We are operate on state of the art equipment and new laboratory facilities. The high quality of offered services and performed research in our laboratories is confirmed by the implemented Certified Quality Management System ISO 9001 and performance according to the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standard (No. 5/2011/DPL). In our routine practice we use in-house Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) developed under GLP guidance.

3. Time and cost efficiency
Operating in Poland allows BLIRT to be cost competitive. We operate routinely on short timelines to meet our customers’ needs. Our mission is providing services fitting needs and satisfaction of our business partners.

BLIRT’s core business is its protein production ser- vice. The protein department provides wide range of recombinant proteins for both scientific and therapeutic purposes. The choice of the optimum expression system, as well as, production and purification conditions rely on the properties of the proteins and are individually optimized in each case.

In order meet the expectations of customers we expand the range of our services. BLIRT recently had launched mammalian cell-lines laboratory offering both recombinant, mono- and polyclonal antibodies, as well as stable and productive expression systems.  Complementary services bade on bacterial and yeast expression systems.

BLIRT’s analytical laboratory contains the state-of-the-art equipment and has an experienced and well trained team. This allows for both routine analytical testing as well as bespoke analytical studies. Our service also includes professional analytical undertakings such as development, validation and the implementation of new analytical methods. Laboratory specializes in Pharmacokinetic studies (PK), ADME and Bioequivalence of generic and innovative drugs.

BLIRT provides innovative and alternative manufacturing pathways. Our production capacity ranges from mg to hundred gram quantities. As complementary services we provide a full range of in-house analytical and development services, such as: identification, synthesis and standarization of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) impurities and drug metabolites.

DNA-Gdańsk department  was formed as a result of incorporation of DNA-Gdańsk Ltd. - a company with 16 years of experience in providing solutions and tools for medical and molecular biology. It delivers reagents, equipment and services for molecular biology, biotechnology, genetics and molecular diagnostics. The DNA’s offer includes PCR-based kits for molecular diagnostics of viruses, bacteria, fungi; molecular veterinary diagnostics; microbiological food examination; epidemiological investigations - genotyping and strain differentiation; mutation detection and systems designed to customer requirements. It manufactures  and provides cost-competitive PCR reagents including DNA thermostable polymerases. DNA-Gdańsk is well known in Poland for its training courses in molecular biology including introduction to molecular cloning, PCR, Genotyping and Real-Time PCR.

In-house R&D projects - Technologies available for out-licensing

Antifungal drug candidate
Development of new biologically active compound with the characteristics of a potential innovative drug, which could be used to treat fungal infections.

Anticancer drug candidate (BS-154)
Development of BS-154 an innovative, potent cytostatic candidate modulating the multidrug resistance (MDR) of tumor cells with proven activity in leukemic, breast, prostate, cervical, prostate and colon cancer models.

Preservation solution for organ transplantation
Development and marketing of a new liquid preservative, which increase the length of time organs can be preserved, stimulating regeneration of endothelial cells and reducing the damaging effects of  oxidative stress and cold storage, which should improve the success rate of organ transplants.


Pawel Gruszczyński,
Business Development Manager
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