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An introduction to a product and solution provider for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry
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Selvita is an innovative, Polish biotechnology company engaged in the discovery and development of breakthrough medicines to treat CNS and oncology diseases, as well as provision of drug discovery services.

Selvita develops its own innovative small molecule drugs, which originate from research at Polish universities and later commercializes them with partners from the pharmaceutical industry. Selvita has currently several projects at early or late discovery stage and is expected to move its first candidates to the clinic in 2013.

The most advanced programs at Selvita are SEL103 for the symptomatic treatment of Alzheimer’s disease developed in cooperation with Orion Pharma, and SEL24, a pre-clinical Pim kinase inhibitor, with multiple indications in solid and hematopoietic tumors.

The service part of the company delivers a comprehensive panel of products and solutions targeted at lowering the cost of, and accelerating, the introduction of new drugs to the market. Selvita Group offers its clients drug discovery support at every stage of the early discovery phase up to preclinical research.

Selvita’s laboratories possess the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certificate, as well as the Polish Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate accreditation.

Selvita Group employs a highly specialized team of 137 professionals in various fields of life sciences, 40% with a PhD degree. We also enjoy a very good cooperation with numerous leading research institutes and universities from Poland as well as Europe and the USA.

Selvita Group has experience in several areas of life sciences, and offers the following types of projects:

•    Integrated drug discovery projects which include in silico drug design, and synthesis of a target-focused library, SAR and ADME-driven lead optimization and toxicity prediction, followed by complex preclinical in vitro development.

•    Chemistry services, including contract synthesis, synthesis pathway design and optimization, synthesis scale-up, physicochemical analyses including stability studies and impurity profiles, as well as drug form development support.  

•    Biology services, including assay development, ADME and toxicity studies, DMPK studies as well as pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics analyses.

•    Advanced protein modeling solutions, based on our proprietary protein modeling platform, virtual screening and focused library design, as well as other services in computational chemistry.

Contact information:

Selvita Sales Department
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