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An introduction to Research and Development Laboratory
strony wersji drukowanej: 32-33


Adress: ul. Koscielna 16A

Postal code/City: 83-210 Zblewo

Contact person:  Dr Wojciech Kamysz

Phone: +48 697 422 366

Fax:  +48 587322366

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Number of Employees: 8

Founded (year): 2006

Areas of activity:

•    drug research and development,

•    antimicrobial and anticancer peptides,

•    pre-clinical services,

•    peptide synthesis and purification, process development,

•    microbiological testing of medical and cosmetic products,

•    laboratory equipment.

Company profile: is a privately held innovative and scientifically oriented company, specialized in the design and synthesis of biologically active compounds. The company conducts its own Research and Development Laboratory situated in Gdansk. The research activity is mainly focused on the antimicrobial and anticancer peptides and their prospective applications in medicine. Our commercial activity comprises  peptide synthesis, purification and optimization of processes on semi-industrial scale. The Company is also vested with microbiological laboratory which offers activity testing of potential antimicrobials as well as examination of medical and cosmetic products for their microbiological purity and stability.

Custom synthesis of peptides and lipopeptides
The research field of Lipopharm involves designing new procedures for synthesis and separation of chemical compounds as well as carrying out conformational studies on peptides. We offer fast syntheses of high qualitycompounds at relatively low cost. We mainly specialize in the synthesis of difficult peptide sequences (peptides with Met, Cys, Trp, cyclic peptides, peptide libraries) and lipopeptides. Each peptide sample is supplied with a gradient HPLC chromatogram (or TLC chromatogram in the case of lipopeptides) and a mass spectrum. Our new, still-growing research department, offers a variety of protein derivatives. We also offer optimization of  the production process and purification conditions.

Our offer also includes conformational studies of peptides and their analogues using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and circular dichroism (CD) methods. NMR spectroscopy enables conformational analysis of peptides and proteins in conditions similar to physiological ones. In this respect, it exceeds crystallographic studies. Aided by methods of molecular modelling, it enables obtaining three dimensional structures of the examined biomolecules.

Preparative HPLC is specialized in purification of the peptides and other organic compounds by using the reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography. Our laboratory is fully equipped to perform purification processes on the  laboratory and semi-industrial scale. The company uses two preparative chromatographs with a maximal flow rate of  400 mL/min. Ten grams  of a crude compound can be purified in a single process.

Research and development
The company participates in two large R&D projects concerning the design, synthesis and in vitro testing of antimicrobial and antitumour compounds. Another focus of interest is introduction of novel solutions for the synthesis and purification methods and their optimization.

Request for further collaborations: is looking for partners among biopharmaceutical companies and academic institutions to speed up the development of peptide therapeutics and opportunities in late pre-clinical or early clinical stages in the field of infectious diseases and oncology.
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