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Mabion SA

Mabion SA
An introduction to a leading Polish biotechnology company
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Mabion SA is a leading Polish biotechnology company focused mainly on research and development of biotechnological medicinal products intended for use in treatment of the most serious diseases, main therapeutic fields of interest are oncology, autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorders.

Over the past few years Mabion has gained the competences for designing, development and GMP production of recombinant protein molecules. Mabion has the abilities to produce any biotechnological drug starting from the design step, through the selection of a manufacturing platform and technology, to obtaining the final product. Mabion possesses the know-how to perform the full biotechnological drug development as well as analytical tools development and validation.

The self-developed by Mabion, technology platform of obtaining monoclonal antibodies is the topmost achievement in the present biotechnology. This process enables development and production of targeted drugs – humanized monoclonal antibodies, that act specifically resulting in better effectiveness and lower toxicity of the aimed therapy.

Dr Slawomir Jaros, Head of R&D Center, Member of the Board about current projects:
It is hard to be the pioneer in Central Europe of such sophisticated business, but also it gives a lot of satisfaction when we see the results of our work. We have successfully passed many technological and know – how barriers so far. Today we are focused on clinical development of our first drug which is called MabionCD20. It is intend for use in treatment of lymphoma, leukemia and rheumatoid arthritis. Regarding technology, we have started program with international partners who are suppliers of devices and consumables to design and implement into industrial scale new bioreactor technology. We have developed process in laboratory and pilot scale basing on innovative solutions and our role in this project is to provide GMP and bioprocess expertise. Combining it with potential and engineering experience of our partners, we believe that the result of this project will become a new standard in the industry. It is intend to use in new industrial scale facility which is under design now.

Mabion has been established in March 2007 by four domestic pharmaceutical companies: Celon Pharma - one of the leading manufacturer of oncology drugs in Poland, Polfarmex, which is the national leader on the market of prescription drugs, IBSS Biomed - the biggest in Poland and significant in Europe manufacturer of vaccines, Genexo, working on the market of medical drugs and products, mainly in the field of diabetology. Mabion was also founded by two companies focused on biotechnological research and development: BioCentrum i Biotech Consulting.

Currently in the GMP/GLP facility in Łódź experienced biotechnologists and pharmacists are working on research and development of several biotechnology drugs applied in the treatment of cancer and metabolic disorders.

The first developed monoclonal antibody - MabionCD20 (biosimilar to rituximab used to treat blood cancer, lymphomas and rheumatoid arthritis) successfully passed preclinical phase of development. It is currently under the clinical development.

The subsequent monoclonal antibodies to be used in treatment of the following diseases:

•    breast cancer and gastric cancer,

•    colorectal, lung and renal cancers,

•    head, neck and colorectal cancers.
Mabion offers contract development of other therapeutic recombinant proteins.

Mabion offers as well huge range of biotech services:

•    Cell line development services,

•    Upstream and downstream development services,

•    GMP manufacturing,

•    Analytical development services.

In 2010 Mabion entered the NewConnect market on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, rising 22,8 mln PLN (about 6 mln Euro) from the IPO. Whole amount has been allocated for the upscaling of drug production to enable conducting clinical trials. Mabion is also planning a debut on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange this summer.
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