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Pure Biologics s.c

Pure Biologics s.c.
An introduction to R&D Laboratory
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Pure Biologics is a privately owned, young contract research company that is also leading a couple of own R&D projects and having a growing line of protein products. Over past 20 months, Pure Biologics has been constantly expanding the range of offerings and is now providing complete gene-to-protein service, custom recombinant monoclonal antibody selection, and a broad spectrum of analytical services, ranging from protein biophysical characterization, mass analysis, binding kinetics measurements, conformational stability determinations to bioinformatics. determinations to bioinformatics.

“Since the founding of the company in 2010, Pure Biologics has focused on three key elements: quality, professionalism and cost effectiveness. By sticking to these priorities we have been helping our customers to advance discovery, accelerate research and development, and minimize project timelines for pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and academic research laboratories” – says Dr. Filip Jelen – founder and CEOat Pure Biologics. “Building a team of experienced scientists having complementary expertise in protein engineering, biochemistry, and molecular biology allowed us to offer contract research services with the use of broad array of biotechnologies that we mastered. The company is stationed in Wroclaw Technology Park that is providing modern, state-of-the-art infrastructure at a relatively low cost. This advantage is then passed onto our customers, making outsourcing to Pure Biologics a very competitive option for biotech industry and Academia partners”.

The company provides complete gene-to-protein service. Starting from sequence optimization and vector construction, through biomass production (using bacterial and mammalian expression platforms) to delivering pure protein products. In some cases, proteins overexpressed in bacteria are produced in insoluble form lacking structure and activity. “We are proud of having a good record of numerous successfully folded proteins. We conduct their refolding from inclusion bodies based on the proprietary, high-throughput screen of carefully chosen conditions” – says Dr. Jelen. As the off-the-shelf products, Pure Biologics provides also growth factors, polymerases, proteases, and signaling proteins to be used as research tools or reagents.

Aside from the custom and catalog recombinant protein production, Pure Biologics offers various macromolecular analysis techniques. As Dr. Piotr Jakimowicz - founder and CSO in the company explains, oftentimes production of a soluble protein does not necessarily mean obtaining the macromolecule of desirable characteristics such as activity, oligomeric state, stability and so on. “In order to address these issues, we provide extensive bioanalytical evaluation of proteins including mass spectrometry measurements (ESI and MALDI), Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) aggregation analysis, structural studies by Circular Dichroism analysis, analytical size-exclusion chromatography (SEC), thermodynamic stability determinations (CD, fluorescence and DSC calorimetry), SPR (Biacore), ELISA and standard SDS-PAGE/Western blot”.

Pure Biologics is one of the very few entities around that offer commercial SPR analysis (Biacore). “SPR methodology provides essential information for protein-protein, protein-ligand, and antigen-antibody characterization such as real-time on-and-off rates of interaction, accurate KD determination, mapping of protein interaction domains and IC50 determination for protein-protein interaction inhibitors”- says Dr. Jakimowicz. The advantage of the SPR analysis is undoubtedly its speed, small amount of the biomaterial needed to perform experiments and versatility. Based on the particular application, one can be directed towards other methods for studying protein-protein interaction. “We have mastered many other techniques to acquire meaningful kinetic data (Kd, Ka, n, Bmax, deltaH, deltaS) by ITC calorimetry, fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, UV spectroscopy, co-immunoprecipitation and others” - claims Dr. Jakimowicz.

Pure Biologics is the only company based in our Euro region to provide custom recombinant antibody development for basic research, drug discovery and diagnostic development. “High-affinity recombinant antibodies to custom antigen can be developed in as few as six weeks with 5-10 antigen specific clones per project to be further validated in the given application” – explains Maciej Mazurek – R&D Director at Pure Biologics. “The in vitro evolution of tight binders is made from scFv libraries but additional services such as reformatting to other antibody types (Fab, scFv dimer, IgG) or drugs and fluorescence probes conjugation can be further performed to functionalize obtained recombinant antibodies.

Future perspectives
In the forthcoming years, in addition to keep providing exceptional services in the protein research field, the company is set to build its value by successfully progressing with both its own R&D projects and those done in-collaboration with partners.

Contact information:
ul. Klecińska 125
54-413 Wrocław
Dr Filip Jeleń, CEO
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phone +48 783 341 348

Dr Piotr Jakimowicz, CSO
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phone +48 698 869 089
Maciej Mazurek, R&D Director
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phone +48 531 502 253
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