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NeoLek – Integrated Laboratory of Experimental Oncology and Innovative Technologies
Ludwik Hirszfeld Institute of Immunology & Experimental Therapy, Polish Academy of Sciences, Wroclaw, Poland
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In the NeoLek Laboratory we conduct comprehensive analysis of potentially active anticancer agents. A broad range of basic laboratory research together with some pre-clinical studies carried out on the preselected compounds are subsequently followed by experiments performed under in vivo conditions using animal models which are focused on the evaluation of such characteristics as pharmacological and pharmacokinetical properties or bioavailability, together with tolerance in animals. We also elaborate our own schemes and technologies that rely on selective drug carriers.

The competitiveness of our laboratory is mainly based on the possibility to perform in one place a number of pre-clinical studies and synchronize their individual stages thus enabling us to broaden the scope of research offer, and increase its efficiency, quality and innovation. We are one of the few scientific units in Poland that offers such a research profile and work in accordance with the requirements of the GLP standard.

Research offered by the NeoLek Laboratory

In vitro analyses:

•    high throughput analysis of the biological activity revealed by the tested agents against both normal and cancer human or mouse cell lines

•    pharmacokinetical and toxicology in vitro analysis (selected ADME/Tox parameters)

•    analysis of the cell cycle and protein expression

•    real-time PCR analysis of gene expression

In vivo studies

•    studies on the anticancer activity of chemical compounds or natural products, carried out on mouse or human cancer models transplanted into experimental immune-deficient mice
•    in vivo visualization of fluorescence or luminescence

•    hematological and biochemical analysis of blood and other body fluids

•    pharmacokinetical studies comprising analysis of the active compounds and their metabolite concentration in the selected tissues or body fluids

•    studies on tumor angiogenesis using matrigel plugs or immunohistochemical techniques or transgenic animal models.

Chemical analyses

•    chemical modification of the biological macromolecules

•    studies on the conjugates and the drug- carrier complexes

•    structural studies on the macromolecules

•    determination of drugs and their metabolites concentration in biological fluids based on high performance chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques

•    biotransformation of drugs and chemical compounds

•    studies on aggregation and oligomerization of the biological macromolecules

•    studies on the hydrodynamic properties of macromolecules

•    elaboration and validation of the analytical procedures

•    elaboration of new bacteriophage- based technologies

NeoLek has been established thanks to the financial support of the European Union via the Innovative Economy Operational Program.

Contact information:

Janusz Boratyński
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phone +48 71 370 99 80
Biology & Experimental Oncology:
Prof. Joanna Wietrzyk
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phone +48 71 3709992
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